Be the innkeeper of your soul


I help introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive women in midlife create the space they need to remember who they are and that they matter. That they are worthy of what they want and deserve a life they love.



About Me

Once upon a time I wanted to be the innkeeper of my own B&B. Innkeeping appealed to my desire to serve others by creating a space where they would feel welcome and well cared for, and where they would feel both nourished and nurtured. What I desired to give others, I yearned for myself. The journey, it turns out, was about being the innkeeper of my soul and tending the space within me.

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Out with the Old

Creating space is all about letting go of what isn't serving you and giving your soul a chance to rest and recuperate so you can reimagine what you want for your life. My free program, Out with the Old—5 Days of Letting Go—can help you do just that.

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