All roads lead to home

My soul’s calling is to create space for introverted, highly sensitive, empathic midlife women to remember that they matter, that they are worthy of what they want, and deserve a life they love. The journey to how I got here, though, resembles more a meandering path than a straight and clearly marked thoroughfare.

In my previous professional lives, I have been both manager and creator. I have managed words, projects, people, and multimillion-dollar budgets as well as created content, products, and processes. Some of my previous jobs include …

  • Editorial operations manager for a content marketing agency

  • Managing partner for a family farming business

  • Pastry chef for a fine dining restaurant

  • Chef for a high-end duck club

  • Owner, Baker, and Whisk Washer of a cheesecake business

  • Executive Editor (and every editorial position down the masthead) for a weekly technology publication

Although my job history looks rambling, my purpose was the same regardless of who I was serving—from readers, clients, and customers to colleagues and employees—to inform and illuminate, nurture and nourish. That’s what I do as a coach, too.

I’m passionate about creating space for midlife women to remember who they are and what they want—to belong to themselves again. You can learn more about what I do by clicking the button below.