In their own words

Read what clients have to say about how coaching has helped them come home to themselves and live a life with more peace, confidence, and self-acceptance.

I’ve been on a huge transformational journey over the last few years.  The number of “significant life events” I experienced put me over the top of those predictive stress scales.  In the span of a few years, I retired from a 36-year career, became a grandmother three times, moved out of the state I’d lived my whole life, left a 19-year relationship, and had a couple of serious injuries that severely impacted my lifestyle.

I was just coming out of the worst of my “dark night of the soul” and beginning to see the light of day at the end of a long tunnel of trials.  The idea of having someone guide me into the next phase of my life was very appealing and I approached Siobhan about enlisting her as my coach.

I met with Siobhan multiple times over a six-month period.  I really like her energy.  She is very grounded, very present, and very thoughtful. She’s also very intuitive. Siobhan’s coaching style was subtle in that she often let me take the lead on whatever issues were coming up for me, but she was able to guide and direct the sessions to maximize the results.

Siobhan is a naturally gifted listener and processer, and has a calm, reassuring presence and a practical approach.  She has a vast tool box of techniques that she draws upon and a good sense of what is needed for any given situation. I have no doubt that her guidance and the resources she helped me access had a big impact on how I moved through the challenges I was facing at the time and the ultimate outcomes.

I will continue to utilize her services when I need that extra support and guidance on my path ahead. 

- Anne Y., Oregon

I feel so grateful to have worked with Siobhan when I so desperately needed her coaching—but didn’t know how much I needed it at the time. For years I was watching my life and dreams for myself passing me by. I kept telling myself that one day (sometime in the future) I’ll be happy. But first I have to take care of my family, my pets, my friends and neighbors who need and depend on me. I took pride in being the martyr, sacrificing my own needs for my special needs son, taking care of things, managing the household, solving the tough problems. 

Sound familiar? It took an unexpected relationship crisis to render me a veritable emotional basket case. Blindsided, I realized that I had strayed so far from myself that I couldn’t fix this on my own. I had been looking outside of myself—to others—for acceptance and love. And it finally caught up with me. 

Siobhan deftly guided me out of the murky waters of self-doubt and self-loathing and into a place where I could see clearly, free of the ego that often gets in our own way. She taught me practical tools to help me replace that negative voice with a more positive one and to help make choices that benefit me first and foremost. Aside from putting myself first, to love myself, the most important lesson I carry with me is to never let others define me. Thank you for that!

If you are feeling stuck in your life or just trying to navigate through murky waters, I recommend calling Siobhan. It is clear that she has a genuine desire to help others reach their goals both practically and spiritually. Her warmth, wisdom, and intuition all come together to help her clients see their way forward with clarity—and avoid the rabbit holes—on their path to fulfillment and peace. 

- Tricia H., California

Working with Siobhan has been a transformative process.  As a coach, she invites you in to a working atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and openness. She LISTENS and she has an intuitive ability to gently pinpoint where a conversation needs go, gently shining a light on what might be causing you to feel lost or stuck in your life.

My life has changed for the better through my work with Siobhan. She has helped me get unstuck and clarify issues ranging from career and creative projects to establishing boundaries in relationships. I have become a more authentic, powerful version of myself through our work together.

Siobhan believes that wisdom comes from within. Her job is not to give you all of the answers but to help you ask the right questions and tap into your own internal knowing. Not only did I benefit from her insight and guidance, but I was also given the tools to continue accessing my own guidance on a going forward basis…a great and powerful gift, indeed. I would highly recommend working with Siobhan, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to do so.

- Kristi B., Nebraska

Siobhan’s awesome coaching has helped me to begin to unravel years of acting on automatic pilot, putting everyone and everything before myself. Her intuition and ability to really see and validate me helped me notice thought patterns that I didn’t even know I had that were getting in the way of my peace and happiness. I am on my way to figuring out what I want for my life and that feels really good. I am kinder to myself and much more accepting of myself. 

I highly recommend Siobhan’s coaching services. She has a warm, calm, understanding, and encouraging presence, and I feel safe sharing my soul with her. I love the way Siobhan shares her journey and life insights, which sparks my own a-ha moments and helps me to know I am not alone. Her personal understanding of transformation has been an inspiration to me. I have learned so much working with Siobhan.

- Linda N., Pennsylvania