It’s all about you

When the well is full, no one worries about spilt water.
— Jonathan Foxwell

Does this sound like you?

You’re an introverted, highly sensitive empathic woman in midlife. You’ve spent years, decades even, taking care of everyone else, putting their needs ahead of your own until you can’t remember who you are anymore let alone what you want for yourself. You yearn for a life you love, a life that reflects who you are, but you can’t even imagine what a life you love could even look like.

I know that story all too well. I’m an introverted and highly sensitive empathic midlife woman like you and have been exactly where you are right now. I can tell you that what you really need, more than anything else, to remember who you are and what you really want for yourself is space.

I know it seems too simple, but it’s true. As an introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive woman, you need space to reconnect with your true self. Otherwise, who you are and what you want will continue to elude you. You will continue living your life based on other’s wants and needs. And you will never truly see you—the real, authentic you.

That’s where I come in. I help midlife women like you create the space they need to remember who they are and that they matter. That they are worthy of a life they want and deserve a life they love.

If you’re new to coaching, here’s the most important thing to know: Coaching is all about you. It’s about creating the life you want—not the one dictated by your parents, friends, significant other, or social expectations—by reconnecting with your essential self. It’s about discovering what nourishes you.

As your coach I will help you …

  • bring clarity around what you want and how you want to show up in your life

  • dissolve the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back

  • connect you with your inner wisdom

As a coach, my guiding principles come from my own journey.

  • I believe you are perfect. Other’s opinions about how you should look, how you should act, who you should be are irrelevant. Who you are is exactly who you should be. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.

  • I believe you should be loyal to yourself, always. Don’t sacrifice yourself or what you know to be right for you—your wants, your needs, your desires, your beliefs, your boundaries—for someone else. Be true to you!

  • I believe you should always trust your intuition. That small, quiet, kind voice inside of you? Listen to that. Trust that. You already have the answers you’re looking for. All you have to do is listen and follow your heart. It always knows the way home to yourself.

  • I believe nothing is more important than your connection to yourself. Too often we disconnect from ourselves in an effort to do what we think others expect of us and that will make them happy. What we lose in the process is ourselves. You can’t connect with others if you aren’t connected to your true self.

  • I believe your worth just is. You don’t need to prove your worth or rely on others to acknowledge your significance. Your value is inherent in your essential self. You deserve good things and are worth celebrating for being you. Period.

  • I believe you owe it to yourself to take care of you first. You can’t nourish others if your soul is starving. “When the well is full, no one worries about spilt water.” Say “yes” to yourself and watch your abundance flow to others.

I love this quote from Hiro Boga:

“You return to belonging by trusting your own desires; be choosing your own way of being; crafting your own complex, creative, uniquely unfolding story.”

That’s what I do. I help you tend the space within, to become the innkeeper of your soul, so you can return to that place of belonging to yourself. I help you to remember that you matter, that you are worthy of what you want and deserve a life you love.