Create space for what matters

The journey to your true self is how you get back what was always yours in the first place.
— SN

If you’re an introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive woman in midlife, my hunch is some (perhaps many) of the following statements will feel familiar to you:

  • You put yourself on the back burner while putting others’ needs ahead of your own

  • You feel vaguely dissatisfied or like something is missing from your life but aren’t sure what it is

  • You feel stuck, as if something is holding you back from moving forward with your life

  • You want more from your life but aren’t sure what

  • You feel as if you’ve lost some essential part of yourself

  • You don't feel like you're in the driver's seat of your life and are just along for the ride

  • You feel like you’re living on autopilot and can’t remember what you wanted for yourself

You know you want more. You want to feel like yourself again. You want to love your life. The problem is you can’t remember what *you* really feels like anymore, and you have no idea what a life you love might even look like.

Not knowing this keeps you stuck. Stuck living on autopilot. Stuck not remembering what you ever wanted for yourself. Stuck not creating a life you love.

You’ve probably been trying to figure it out. In between living your busy life and taking care of everyone else’s needs, you’ve been reading all the self-help books you can find. Perhaps you’ve even signed up for counselling, attended a workshop, or joined an online group in an attempt to get yourself out of this rut. But nothing has worked.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

I can tell you that after years, perhaps even decades, of taking care of everyone else, of putting everyone else’s needs first while putting yours last, it’s no wonder you can’t remember who you are anymore. It’s no wonder you’ve lost sight of what a life you love even looks like. And it’s no wonder that trying to figure this all out while still living your busy life, while still taking care of everyone else’s needs hasn’t worked.

I know because I’m an introverted and highly sensitive empathic midlife woman like you. I have been exactly where you are right now. I can tell you that what you really need, more than anything else, to remember who you are and what you really want for yourself is space.

I know it seems too simple, but it’s true. When you’re an introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive woman, you need space and time and quiet to reconnect with your most essential self. Otherwise, who you are and what you want will continue to elude you and you will continue living your life based on everyone else’s wants and needs. And you will never truly see you—the real, authentic you.

That’s where I come in. I help midlife women like you create the space they need to remember who they are and that they matter. That they are worthy of what they want and deserve a life they love.

I created my Out With the Old – 5 Days of Letting Go program guide specifically for midlife women like you. In this guide, I walk you through five days of creating the space you need to rest and reconnect with your essential self by letting go of what no longer serves you. By creating that space, you can begin to discover what you want for yourself and start taking steps toward a life you love.

You can download the program guide right here for free:

Here’s what one participant of the program had to say:

“This was so needed in my life at this moment. Thank you! I've loved these five days. You've opened up so much for me, provided guidance and wisdom, and helped me feel a sense of community.”

As you work through Out with the Old—5 Days of Letting Go, you may encounter challenges along the way—areas in which you could use some support diving deeper to work through a sticky spot. That’s what I do. I specialize in working with introverted, empathic, and highly sensitive midlife women to support them while working through Out with the Old—5 Days of Letting Go.

I offer two coaching options to support you on your journey:

  • Single session: This laser-focused session delves into one specific issue that’s coming up for you around one of the program’s exercises or around letting go in general. $75

  • Three-session package: This option allows for a deeper dive into one or more areas of the program you are struggling with and/or may be keeping you stuck from moving toward a life you love. This package also includes email support between sessions and exercises (when appropriate) to do outside our sessions. $225

You can choose coaching by phone or email for both my single and three-session coaching options. Phone sessions are 60 minutes in length. A recording of the session is available upon request.

Email sessions include four emails—two from you and two from me—over the course of a week and I typically respond within 24 hours during my regular business days (Tuesdays – Fridays). Email coaching is ideal for those who prefer communicating and processing through writing and/or who have scheduling limitations.

Note: For a limited time, for those working through Out with the Old—5 Days of Letting Go, I am offering email coaching for just $50/session, a 33% discount off my regular rate.

In addition, as part of my coaching offerings, you will receive via email a card from Tosha Silver’s Wild Offering oracle deck for inspiration and further reflection.

What to expect

Coaching is a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Here's what you can expect from me as your coach as well as what I expect from you as my client.

As your coach, I will ...

  • Provide a safe space to explore and dive deep into what’s holding you back

  • Offer tools and techniques for uncovering the answers that already exist within you

  • Be an attentive listener and compassionate witness to your journey

  • Offer transparency, authenticity, and openness

  • Be present

  • Provide confidentiality

As my client, you will ...

  • Be willing to engage with, be fully present to, and trust the process

  • Be willing to be honest, open, and vulnerable

  • Commit to being the creator of your own solutions

  • Dedicate yourself to this time for you; in other words, no multitasking during a session

Take the first step

Are you ready to create space for what matters—You? If so, you can download my free Out with the Old—5 Days of Letting Go program by clicking the button below.

If you’re interested in some coaching to help you move through any challenges that come up for you or to accelerate your progress toward a life you love, you can book a phone session by heading over here. If you’re interested in coaching via email, send me a message at this address:

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If you have questions about coaching in general or with me, I offer a free 20-minute discovery call, which you can schedule here.

Also, you can read more of what clients have to say about working with me here.

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